Standard Diploma In Salesmanship · (Sales Executive level)

Syllabus Synopsis

Communication: Spoken Word, Written Word, Analysis of Written & Spoken Word, Actioning Words, Format & Content of Letters - Memos - Reports, Telephone Conversations, Interviews.

Salesmanship: The Role of the Salesman, Personal Qualities, Buying Process, Buying Motives, Selling Process, Sales Sequence, Sales Market, Territory Control

Organisations & Businesses (Public & Private): Extractives-manufacturing & Construction industries, Warehousing - Transport, Export/Import Businesses, Banking - Insurance - Factoring - Consultancy organisations, Government & Local Authorities, Wholesaling & Retailing, Societies - Boards & Charities.

Market Distribution: The Laws of Supply & Demand, The Perfect/Imperfect Market, Monopoly/Competition, Creating & Satisfying Demand, Basic Functions of Marketing, Segmentation, Social/Economic/Technological Aspects, Selling in the Overseas Market, Cultural/Language/Monetary Systems, Agents & Distributors, Regulations & Documentation.