Hotel and Service Industries

Hotel, Leisure & Service Industries

Syllabus Synopsis

Stage 1: Certificate In Quality Services

(The operating skills attached to the main functions of Service)

Core Subject: Guest Service & Customer Care
Knowing how to work with others as a team to satisfy the needs of existing customers and maximising the opportunities of gaining potential customers.

Option 1: Servicing a Customer
For all businesses where employees meet customers face-to-face or by telecommunications and/or written communication.

Option 2: Front-of-House/Reception Service
For all businesses where customers are greeted at a Reception Area, e.g., Hotels, Corporate Businesses

Option 3: Accommodation/Housekeeping Service
The essential elements of providing Quality Customer Service in public and accommodation areas

Option 4: Food & Beverage Service
Servicing the customer at formal and informal meals and in bar areas

Option 5: Leisure Service
The organising of leisure activities to give customer service

Option 6: Marketing & Sales Promotion Service
Gaining and using customer information to increase awareness of services.

Stage 2: Diploma in Supervisory Skills Service Industries

(The supervisory kills to implement and successfully control the service operations and the 'human element')

Part "A": Defining tasks involved within the job function, levels of skills required, Setting targets, Specifying standards of performance, Giving instructions, Process of decision-making

Stage 3: Advanced Diploma in Sales Management Service Industries (Project)

(The Management skills to plan and formulate the strategy within the organisation's Policy, to create a "Total Quality Service")

Project work to contain the 12 facets of Management: Planning, Directing, Organising, Co-ordinating, Controlling, Motivation, Delegation, Communication, Decision-Making, Time-Management, Teamwork, Creativity.