Sales Management

Advanced Diploma in Sales Management

Senior Management Level - specialising in the total sales management function

Syllabus Synopsis

Communication Control: Interview/Selection, Training, Promotions, Sales Bulletins, Report Writing, Telephone, Order/Complaint Procedure, Product Briefing, Sales Meetings, Letter Writing, Written/Spoken Word

Advertising & Market Research: Market Research, Surveys, Sampling Techniques, Advertising, Media Planning, Buying, Merchandising/Packaging, Conference/Exhibition Films, International Influences

Personnel Control: Behavioural Aspects, Attitudes, Counselling, Development, Incentives, Remuneration, Appraisals, Job Descriptions

Time Control: Dual Calling, Customer Records, Actual Potential Trade, Call Ratio, Cost Per Call, Territory Control, Area Control, National/Regional Organisation

Policy Control: Corporate Planning, Company Organisation, Management Practices, Production/Manufacture, Distribution, Forecasts, Decision Analysis

Cost Control: Balance Sheet/Profit & Loss, Sources of Finance, Operating Rations/Budgeting, Cost Accountancy, Variances, Cash Flow, Debit/Credit, Discounting

Legal Control: Contracts, Restrictive Trading, Sale of Goods, Agency/Employment, Insurance

Statistical Control: Computer Appreciation, Forecasts, Value Analysis, Budgetary Control, Product Cycle, Sales Policy/ Sales Administration