Welcome To Mamsa

MAMSA (The Managing & Marketing Sales Association), fully recognises the changes which have taken place since it was first formed in the 1800s but whilst many things have changed, the same principles apply whatever economic climate occurs.

Taking the first steps in the MAMSA Syllabuses - Selling. The elements of this are as applicable today as they were on the inception of the programme. Although some have become specialised areas over the years the actual principles of selling do not change and are essential skills for all people involved in meeting and communicating with customers.

Marketing in recent years has been narrowed to, what is considered, the basic essentials of the subject. MAMSA still insists on the necessity of studying the whole concept of marketing which co-ordinates a number of sections of an organisation, including distribution, public relations, research and development and the total communication network, to produce a cohesive 'action plan' for progress, not forgetting that it all starts with the importance of 'selling'.

The principles and practices of Management highlight the importance of analysing and controlling every aspect of the sales and marketing function and coming to decisions leading to problem-solving and the future planning within company policy.

The final senior programme in Marketing Strategy & Management specialises in co-ordinating all the forms of management, taking into consideration the situations and requirements of various company policies and government influences. The programme culminates in thought-provoking and creative hypothesis/thesis